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EDIT : Yltra flat icon set has been abandoned – Super Ultra Flat Numix Remix has been born out of its ashes like a phoenix.
EDIT : Follow this icon set on github :

It starts with some browsing and “aah that looks nice”. Some time ago I fancied the Ultra Flat icon theme from steftrikia on Downloaded it on my Linux Mint. As usual you need to use the hardcode fixer to make sure all your icons use this specific icon set. I changed a few icons in Inkscape, added or fixed some links. You think they are only minor adjustments, but you really do not want to know how many hours you put into this passion. Just for fun…

Since I have just created a second new look for the folders, it came to my attention (with a typo no less) that I had changed this icon set so much that a rebranding was in order.

I dub thee Yltra Flat and hence forward you will be known as Yltra Flat.

Not only links and icons but also the structure of this icon theme has been changed as well in comparison to the original. You should know that Yltra Flat is the main icon set.

All the Yltra Flat icon themes inherit icons from Yltra Flat.

That is done for 3 reasons :

  • management
  • size in megabytes
  • less timeconsuming

This means that if you change the icon for an app in Yltra Flat, the other themes will reflect that change.

If you would to make your own icon theme on the basis of this one you can do so. Check out github for the tutorials.



Download from github