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Clean install or not. That is the question.

We get this question quite often. We are a rolling release. Arch Linux is rolling and in the meantime we have our own ArchLabs packages on the AUR. Any update in these packages will be installed automatically.

BUT as I said in the interview about ArchLabs the magicthe soul – the beating heart is coming from all the theming and tweaks done in your ~/.config folder e.g. 79 termite coloring schemes.

And there lies our difference with other distro’s. We build a system we would like to work on ourselves. Installation of the major themes, icons, cursors, applications are all on the iso. Tweaks of all installed applications are applied. No time to waste. Change some icons and themes. A nice conky. A new wallpaper. Done.

Every release has its own improvements and configuration files.

If you update ArchLabs Yoda, you will not have R2-D2. You will have an updated Yoda.
i3wm will not be installed, 79 termite configs will not be installed, … The list goes on.

We feel we have released a mature distro and we will not do a major release the coming months.
Let us keep perfecting R2-D2 together and then release Obi-Wan-Kenobi.

Please use our forum or github to post the more technical issues. Google+ is great to share the wallpapers and screenshots.


Take our advice. Put your data safe away on a harddisk or in the cloud and enjoy R2-D2 to the fullest.


Do a clean installation.