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In  this installation article we have explained you where to download the iso of ARCHLabs, how to install ARCHLabs and how to customize ARCHLabs. We went into detail about the essential parts of openbox like tint2, the conky and the openbox menu. We made also a tutorial how to change the look of ARCHLabs and so on.

It is time to take a look at the best keyboard shortcuts.

Openbox keyboard shortcuts will vary from one distro to another. Going from distro to distro to make new icons for Sardi, I have learned many ‘general’ shortcuts like CTRL+ALT + T  that will start the terminal. Furthermore I am a i3wm user. So I wanted to have these shortcuts as well in openbox and I found some pretty interesting shortcuts on the internet that I have incorporated as well. And I have kept ‘most’ of the original keyboard shortcuts that come with ARCHLabs.

Needless to say that you get a long list of shortcuts.

This resulted in this keybinding list (March 2017).

I am particularly pround that I found the shortcuts on the net to tile the windows in halves and quarters or maximize them. Shortcut nr 2 till 10.
You can find my rc.xml file on the github

2017-03-12    rc.xml KEYBINDS

 0    C-A-m               xfce4-settings-manager
 1    C-S-BackSpace       openbox --restart
 2    W-KP_1              UnmaximizeFull
 3    W-KP_2              UnmaximizeFull
 4    W-KP_3              UnmaximizeFull
 5    W-KP_4              UnmaximizeFull
 6    W-KP_5              MaximizeFull
 7    W-KP_6              UnmaximizeFull
 8    W-KP_7              UnmaximizeFull
 9    W-KP_8              UnmaximizeFull
10    W-KP_9              UnmaximizeFull
11    W-Right             UnmaximizeFull
12    W-Left              UnmaximizeFull
13    W-Up                MaximizeFull
14    W-Down              UnmaximizeFull
15    XF86AudioRaiseVolume    amixer -D pulse sset Master '5%+'
16    XF86AudioLowerVolume    amixer -D pulse sset Master '5%-'
17    XF86AudioMute       amixer -D pulse set Master toggle
18    XF86AudioNext       playerctl next
19    XF86AudioPlay       playerctl play-pause
20    XF86AudioPrev       playerctl previous
21    C-A-Left            DesktopLeft
22    C-A-Right           DesktopRight
23    A-t                 variety -t
24    A-f                 variety -f
25    A-p                 variety -p
26    A-Left              variety -p
27    A-n                 variety -n
28    A-Right             variety -n
29    A-Down              variety --resume
30    A-Up                variety --pause
31    W-Pause             oblogout
32    C-A-k               obkey
33    W-F1                firefox
34    W-F2                subl3
35    W-F3                inkscape
36    W-F4                gimp
37    W-F5                meld
38    W-F6                vlc
39    W-F7                virtualbox
40    W-F8                nemo
41    W-F9                evolution
42    W-F10               spotify
43    S-W-q               Close
44    C-S-Escape          gnome-system-monitor
45    C-A-V               vivaldi-stable
46    C-A-B               nemo
47    C-A-W               subl3
48    C-A-S               spotify
49    C-A-C               catfish
50    C-A-i               nitrogen
51    C-A-u               obconf
52    C-A-F               firefox
53    C-A-d               ToggleShowDesktop
54    W-Return            gnome-terminal
55    S-W-Return          nemo
56    C-A-N               nemo --quit
57    W-d                 dmenu_run -i -nb '#151617' -nf '#d8d8d8' -sb '#d8d8d8' -sf '#151617' -fn 'N.....
58    W-S-d               dmenu_run -i -nb '#191919' -nf '#fea63c' -sb '#fea63c' -sf '#191919' -fn 'N.....
59    C-A-T               gnome-terminal
60    C-A-Up              GoToDesktop
61    C-A-Down            GoToDesktop
62    S-A-Left            SendToDesktop
63    S-A-Right           SendToDesktop
64    S-A-Up              SendToDesktop
65    S-A-Down            SendToDesktop
66    W-b                 ToggleDecorations
67    A-Escape            Lower
68    A-space             client-menu
69    A-F8                ToggleDecorations
70    A-F2                gmrun
71    A-F3                dmenu_run -i -nb '#151617' -nf '#d8d8d8' -sb '#d8d8d8' -sf '#151617' -fn 'N.....
72    A-F4                Close
73    A-F5                Iconify
74    A-F6                ToggleMaximize
75    Print               xfce4-screenshooter
76    A-Print             scrot '%Y-%m-%d--%s_$wx$h_scrot.png' -e 'mv $f ~/Pictures/ '
77    C-Print             gnome-screenshot -i
78    A-Tab               NextWindow
79    A-S-Tab             PreviousWindow
80    W-S-Right           DirectionalCycleWindows
81    W-S-Left            DirectionalCycleWindows
82    W-S-Up              DirectionalCycleWindows
83    W-S-Down            DirectionalCycleWindows
84    W-f                 ToggleMaximizeFull
85    W-s                 mintstick -m iso
86    W-t                 termite
87    W-l                 slimlock
88    W-e                 geany
89    W-m                 audacious
90    W-h                 urxvt -T 'htop task manager' -e htop
91    W-v                 pavucontrol
92    W-x                 oblogout
93    W-Escape            xkill
94    W-Tab               client-list-combined-menu
95    W-space             root-menu
96    C-A-a               xfce4-appfinder
97    W-Right             GrowToEdgeEast
98    W-Left              GrowToEdgeWest
99    W-Down              GrowToEdgeSouth
100    W-Up                GrowToEdgeNorth
101    W-A-Left            UnmaximizeFull
102    W-A-Right           UnmaximizeFull
103    A-r                 Resize
104    A-m                 Move


We do NOT show all the keyboard shortcuts but ONLY the best ones.