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The purpose of the article is :

  • to show you some hidden features
  • to show you how to get rid of some frustrating settings
  • to share some knowledge of your operating system

Contents of movie

  • Preferences in Finder
  • Icons in the navigation in the Finder
  • TIP: pressing the ALT button gives you an hidden folder Library (where things can go wrong and should be fixed)
  • Order the favorites in the finder
  • TIP: Finder toolbar – completely changed
  • TIP: Security – allow all programs to install – every random source
  • TIP: How to share a map between computers
  • TIP: Log yourself in automatically
  • TIP: autoinstall osx updates
  • TIP: display the day in your time

Two extra tips

  • interactive corners !!! GREAT TIP !!!
  • mouse settings that are frustrating – scrolling up is going down in the browser – frustration
  • reporting that time machine just went on – nothing was erased – I can go back till November 2014.

Finder tip : do not start with “all my files” but…


Next step will be what software to install on the Mac Osx El Capitan.