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After creating the Tacao desktop tuning article  on Linux Mint 18.1 Xfce and making a new Arc Tacao theme on that distro, I wanted to have the same colour (Tacao – sandy orange) on Arch.

Arc Colora scripts are distro independent.

It is advised to run the arc scripts on the system it was designed for. The scripts will analyze which version of GTK you have and will change the codes/images accordingly. I actually never tried a copy/paste from the Linux Mint project. It is again a test to check if all scripts are still working on an Arch Linux platform. The scripts will also work on any Arch based distro like Antergos, Manjaro, Apricity,… and on Debian based like Ubuntu and Linux Mint. They have even been tested on Solus.

The result of the script has been saved on this github :
The Arc colora scripts can be found here :

Arc Tacao