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Installing the new kernel 4.0 has not been easy on my computer with an nvidia 9600 graphical card. I never succeeded once with Linux Mint 17.1 and got stuck in errors that were thrown at me.

Now you must know that I have been using other distro’s on the same hardware like Antergos and Archlinux and all with kernel 4.0. Then it struck me. It can be done.

What am I doing wrong when I boot the Linux Mint 17.1?


So I reinstalled Linux Mint 17.1 following my own guide and scripts at github.

My intention was actually improving the script from github but then it struck me how to get kernel 4.0 to work on my machine.

I followed all the steps till number 3.

Best done in a testing environment. If that is not possible, be sure that you have backups. The cloud aka dropbox and copy are all valid linux solutions.

Then I downloaded the latest 4.0 kernel of that time : 4.0.4.

Installed it like in the other article.

When I rebooted I got an xserver error.

I read and skipped the message to arrive at the terminal.

Login and do the following.

Kernel 4.0 is equiped to work with a bunch of nvidia graphical cards out of the box!

This is a screenshot of one of my installations where we can see what hardware is supported by the 4.0 kernel by the nouveau driver.



So I decided to delete the drivers that Linux Mint installed in the previous steps and took a leap of faith.


Screenshot from 2015-05-16 10:46:52

sudo apt-get remove nvidia-331

Then I rebooted the system and kernel 4.0 did its magic.

I had a working system!!

Then I skipped step 5 of the article : Nvidia updates all together.

I skipped step 6 as well and went straight to the installation of the latest build of cinnamon (step 7) as described in the article.

And now I am happy I can share this knowledge with others. Enjoy.

Screenshot from 2015-05-22 20_23_53

Check out the image.

Latest cinnamon and latest kernel.