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After writing the article about Antergos XFCE I wondered if I was missing any applications or any functionality in my distro. I visited Manjaro XFCE (an arch based distro) and then installed Xubuntu to see what applications those distro’s install standard. I installed all my personal preferences on both of these distro’s to see if there were any changes to be made.

All elements I installed, are all collected on this github.

  • Sardi icons
  • Surfn icons
  • Aureola conky’s
  • Arc theme
  • … and many more

The desktop tuning I did on XUBUNTU 16.10 is more or less the same as the one I did on Antergos XFCE.

Once you know where the cool (tuning) stuff is in XFCE, you can implement it on ANY XFCE distro.

This actually means you can see any youtube movie about tuning XFCE on any distro.
Therefor it will be interesting to see also the movies of Antergos XFCE.

Some examples




Changing the background colour of the highlighted selection

You can do this without any scripting or going inside the css codes.



Changing the look of your menu layout