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When you google the words “antergos after installation” you will see a lot of catchy titles that actually summarize what Antergos is all about.

Let me share some of them.

Antergos a beginner friendly arch based distro.

Antergos – Arch Linux made easy.

How to install arch linux the easy way.

Antergos for everyone.

Always up-to-date . Rolling-release.

On the google+ Antergos community they posted a new iso release and I wondered if my Sardi icons were still up to specs and what progress Antergos had made in the meantime with their wonderful installer. So I installed the iso on an usb and installed Antergos.

Antergos is about freedom. You install the Antergos base but it is up to YOU to choose the desktop environment. In this picture Gnome is selected but I have chosen XFCE4.

XFCE4 is incredibly fast and super customisable. Some examples.



All tips and customisations are in the very last movies.



You will boot into a graphical environment where you follow each installation step.

This screenshot shows you that you will be able to choose many desktop environments.


You will get the option to install software with the flick of a switch!

  • enable Arch User Repository or AUR
  • Bluetooth support
  • Extra fonts
  • Firefox
  • Libreoffce
  • Printing support
  • Firewall
  • and others



This article is NOT about how to install antergos. But I can recommend the following tutorial. You will see all the screens the installation program (cnchi) will present you.

If you rather want to read and see the screenshots, I can recommend this article.


Things to do after installation of XFCE on Antergos

What you will see here is my personal approach.

Objectives are

  • ease of use
  • fast installation
  • nothing redundant
  • personal hardware installation
  • reuse code upon next installation
  • never forgot a good application or a solution


What you read everywhere on any distro, and of course, it is just common sense: UPDATE.

The program pamac (red icon) takes care of all updates so you do not need to know the command

sudo pacman -Syu


Double click the red pamac icon and update.

Install all the applications you like and love

I am a scripting kind of guy and rather make a file once and reuse it later many many times.

On my personal github space I will collect all new applications and all new services in a script to install faster next time.

You can however also use the add/remove software application to search for your applications.


Installation of software from Arch Linux repositories

Many programs are so essential that they are included in the ‘normal’ archlinux repositories.


Some of the applications that will be installed with this script :

  • variety,
  • plank,
  • gimp,
  • inkscape,
  • darktable,
  • vlc,
  • clementine


sudo pacman -S vlc --noconfirm

This line instruct pacman to install vlc without confirmation. The last bit is needed to be able to quickly work through the installation script without prompting me each time if I want it.

Check out the lines to see what I will install and what I might install. Putting an  # before the line will make sure the line becomes just text. It will not be installed.


Installation of packer

When you install Antergos the application “yaourt” is installed. It will make it possible to install any and all AUR packages i.e software. You will notice that you will go to the archlinux repository. This repository does not contain any software. It does contain the way HOW to install the software on any archlinux based system like Manjaro, Antergos and many others. Here we get the first time proof that Antergos is Archlinux based.

It is my personal preference to install “packer” as application rather than yaourt to install software from AUR.


After the installation of packer we can use the command packer to install software.

Just type in the terminal

packer spotify


Choose the right number and let it install.

This installation process is done in batch with all interesting software.


Installation of software from AUR via packer

There is an incredible database of all software that you can possibly install on any Arch linux machine. I remember going through that database (see link in this paragraph) to figure out the software that was interesting for my line of work.

Each time I find another interesting piece of software it gets added to the lines in my scripts and others will get an # and will not be installed next time. This list changes over time.

Some of the applications are

  • sublime-text,
  • chrome,
  • spotify,
  • kazam,
  • sardi icons
  • surfn icons.

Installation of zsh

The main reason for installing zsh is actually the random colouring of the terminal text. Loving the terminal I want to have a great look. Each terminal I start will have another theme. I never know what I will get.


This script will take care of that.

5 Sharing between computers

If you want to share folder/files between computers in your own netwerk, you will have to install samba.  This script will take care of that.



6 Bluetooth headset

Just recently I bought a bluetooth headset from Bose ae2. Followed the guide of archlinux and copy/pasted everything in a file.


7 Installation of the Canon Pixma mg7750

This also applies to mg7700. Just went to the AUR collection via packer canon mg7750 and found what software to install.

Reboot to start printing.



Tips for personal customisation of your Antergos XFCE4


8 Hardcoded icons can be fixed

Some of the software engineers will make a link to an icon that is ‘hardcoded’ meaning there is a strict path to one specific place on your harddisk. This script will erase the absolute path and replace it with a new name so it will follow the icon theme.

More info about hardcode fixer.


9 Plank application can be themed

Plank can be beautiful but also for efficient. I pin the programs that I will use all the time on this dock.

This script will install all the plank themes I have collected and I have made.

plank-antergos-2 plank-antergos-1

Tip : CTRL + right mouse click to get to the preferences.

More info about plank application and theming.


10 Aureola Conky

Aureola is a collection of conky’s initially written to work a debian based system. These debian based systems work with sudo apt-get install rather than with sudo pacman -S. With some common sense and installing the arch linux equivalent of the needed software the aureola conky works on Antergos too.


The script included will only download the aureola conky’s and put them in the hidden folder ~/.aureola.

More info about the aureola collection.

Installing the aureola conky and with some common sense we will install the equivalent applications from the arch linux world.

sudo pacman -S lm_sensors dmidecode
packer conky lua


11 Arc Colora project

The arc theme of horst3180 is in my personal opinion one of the better themes. Being able to change the standard blue colour to any of the 16 millions colours is an great advantage. These scripts developed for Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon also work on Archlinux/Antergos/Manjaro system. In the folder you will find the Arc Red Theme you can just copy/paste in the ~/.themes folder and select it.

Read more about this project here.



I have recorded the steps you have to take in this mute movie.

You are advised however to listen first to a video that is not mute so you can hear why I am doing these steps.

Best to be viewed an a >=27 inch screen.


12 Sardi icons and Surf icons

In many of my screenshots you will see sardi and surf icons. Not surprisingly since they are maintained by me. Installing could not be easier.

More info about sardi icons.

packer sardi
packer surfn


13 Installing Papirus icon theme and fixing the missing icons

Reading about the Papirus icons on Ubuntu we go on a search how to install these icons on Antergos. Afterwards we discover that there are two icons missing and we will show you how to fix missing icons.


14 Tutorial about all the changes I made to the system.

Spoken tutorial – SINGLE screen

Mute tutorial

Best to be viewed an a >=27 inch screen.


Getting the installation scripts