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July 2017 Sardi version 9.3 has been released.

A new icon theme was added Sardi Mono ArchLabs.

You have 6 different application icons and 11 different folder icons to use or mix.


  • Sardi is distro independent
  • Sardi is lean and clean
  • Sardi is flexible
  • Sardi is modular
  • Sardi is diverse

Six main icon sets

  1. Sardi
  2. Sardi Flat
  3. Sardi Flexible
  4. Sardi Ghost Flexible
  5. Sardi Mono
  6. Sardi Orb

Other icon sets depend on one of these six sets.
If there is no icon anywhere in Sardi then the fallback icon set are the following icon-themes :


Bold names are the six main icon sets and they are grouped in family.

Sardi Arc
Sardi Colora

Sardi Flat
Sardi Flat Colora
Sardi Flat Evopop

Sardi Flexible
Sardi Flexible Colora
Sardi Flexible Luv Colora

Sardi Ghost Flexible
Sardi Ghost Flexible Colora

Sardi Mono
Sardi Mono ArchLabs
Sardi Mono Colora

Sardi Mono Numix
Sardi Mono Numix Colora

Sardi Mono Mint-X-Grey
Sardi Mono Papirus Colora
Sardi Mono Vertexed

Sardi Orb Colora


Any icon set with ‘colora’ or ‘flexible’ can be changed with scripts.

On July 2017 we give you these ‘mixing’ Sardi icons

In this article we will NOT run any scripts. That would be the flexibility of Sardi.

In this article we are using the MODULARITY.

For example we have the Sardi Mono Vertexed and we would like to have a Sardi Vertexed. In this case all you need to do is change the inherits line not to take the Sardi-Mono icons but take the Sardi icons. We take module ‘Vertexed’ and hang it behind the module ‘Sardi’. 5 seconds work. That is why Sardi is so modular.

This example is explained in this article.

There are many more articles that illustrate the modularity of the sardi icons here.



Arch Linux based distro’s like ArchLabs can use packer to install these. All other distro’s have to download the zip file from github. Unpack it and put it in the hidden folder in ~/.icons in their home folder or make the folder if it does not exist yet. Select with your theme manager.

If you want to download all 88 Sardi variations and mixing then you can download them from here :


Sardi Mixing



Sardi Flat Mixing



Sardi Flexible Mixing



Sardi Ghost Flexible Mixing



Sardi Mono Mixing



Sardi Orb Colora Mixing