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If you really want to see the sardi icons and also see them evolve over time on a wide variety of distro’s, then just follow me on google+ or follow the Sardi collection on google+.

Mid 2016 many things have changed and I tried to be thorough about all these changes in this article. We are currently at version 7.

If you just want to see what your desktop would look like with the sardi icons, then here is an overview on the youtube movie below.

If you want to download them. You can do so here.


Sardi can be very flexible and modular

A movie to show what icon sets have been made on the basis of the standard ones with the use of some minor scripting.

Read these articles to learn more about the scripts you can use to make your own colours.



Still want to see some more screenshots. Visit google+ to see the most recent screenshots and projects.