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Last years
Sardi / surfn icons
received a monthly update
hence the new numbering


Sardi icons has 22 icon themes

Sardi Extra icons has 107 icon themes

In total 129 icon themes

Surfn icons has 17 icon themes

Create your own icon theme
with scripts

Inherits is a magical word

1. Sardi icons

In the video we show you the icons on Gnome but it can be on any desktop.

There are 6 important icon themes.

  • Sardi is the most important
  • Sardi Flat
  • Sardi Flexible
  • Sardi Ghost Flexible
  • Sardi Mono
  • Sardi Orb Colora

2. Surfn icons

 In the video we show you the icons on Gnome but it can be on any desktop.

There is one important icon theme. The rest inherit from this theme.

  • Surfn is the most important
  • Surfn Arc
  • Surfn-Arch-blue

3. Sardi and Surfn icons showcase on gnome

Both icon themes have a changelog. Since this is a major update not every single change is recorded.

The goal was to have a nice gnome desktop again.

The gnome developers had changed the names of many of their applications. We followed their changes. 

Option 1 : sourceforge

You can download the sardi icons from sourceforge.

You can download the Surfn icons from GITHUB.

Then you extract the downloaded package and copy/paste them to your home folder in this folder.
Create the folder if it does not exist with the “.” in front.


Option 2 : AUR

Arch users like Arch Linux, Manjaro, ArcoLinux, Chakra, Velt/OS, Endeavour OS, ArchLabs Linux  and more can use the AUR.

yay -S sardi-icons
trizen surfn-icons-git

or use other AUR helpers.

Install on ArcoLinux
or any Arch Linux
based system with your preferreD
AUR helper
like yay, trizen, …