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You have now installed the Aureola conky collection following this article.

Now you have a hidden folder on your computer with all the conky’s of aureola.
Navigate to ~/.aureola. CTRL + H shows all the hidden folders.
Now choose a directory of a conky you like. There are images available in the folder.

Run the installation script provided :


This script will provide the following elements :

  • making sure all folders are available
  • alerting if you want to overwrite the ~/.config/conky files
  • copy all files of that particular conky to ~/.config/conky
  • making sure you autostart conky upon reboot
  • install the fonts if they are missing – missing fonts just break the conky
  • checking dependencies and installing the extra software needed for this conky
  • and last but not least – run the conky

Youtube Tutorial



Aureola’s home folder is a hidden one.


Conky’s home folder is also a hidden one.


Anything with the name conky.conf will be started if in the conky’s home folder.