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This article is all about fixing what can go wrong. Killing programs that do not behave properly and so on.

Problem solving 101 for linux mint

Episode 1 : Gnome-system-monitor

Like in Windows you have here a taskmanager where you can stop or kill programs that are taking too long or you just want to stop.


Episode 2 : CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE



Episode 3 :  ALT + F2

This shortcut gives a popup. Press the letter “r” and press enter and your cinnamon will be restarted.



Episode 4 : Xkill

A neat little way to just touch a program with your mouse and it just stops dead in its tracks.
You will learn to make a keyboard shortcut so it is just a few clicks away.


Episode 5 : grub customizer

Many people first start of their way in the Linux world with dual booting Linux and Windows. Meaning you divide the GB on your harddisk. One part for Windows use and one part for Linux use.

First you install Windows. This is mostly already the case. Then they install Linux (Ubuntu or Linux Mint or another flavor). Linux will add a menu when you boot (grub) where you can choose which operating system you want to use. Standard it will boot with Linux.

If you do not want to boot standard into linux but Windows than Grub customizer is for you.


Episode 6 : Boot repair

This program saved me a few weeks ago. I like to experiment with settings and in this way learn about the system. Almost never I will read the manual. I am that kind of guy.

This program is going to analyse all your harddisks and see what is going wrong and repair in my example a wrong grub.

You only learn when you have a problem. This is where I got my salvation from.

In the mean time I found the home of the programmer :

Follow the movie on how to install and use this program.

Boot Repair