You have just installed Linux Mint and you have seen better looking desktops online. That is because we can change our linux machines the way each and every individual wants it. So some questions pop-up after a clean install of Linux Mint :

  • What to do after the installation of Linux Mint?
  • How to improve your linux experience?
  • Shortcut to a complete different look.
  • Easy quick way to a complete different system.




That’s what I want to achieve with this article.

1 short Youtube movies and this article to do it.

Installing software the easy way and the safe way

In safe I mean you will SEE what will happen to your machine.

Under some of the movies there is specific code to install some interesting programs e.g.

Open a terminal via menu and look for terminal or use the shortcut CTRL + ALT +T.

In this black screen you copy/paste the code via RIGHT MOUSE CLICK and paste.


Press enter.

Copy each line one per one.

We are good to go.


Episode 1 : theming

This is how Linux mint 17.1 (based on Ubuntu 14.04) looks like. And we are going to get to the picture here above.

Numix theme

Radiance theme

Episode 2  : plank – toolbar

Plank does not start up automatically so be sure to watch movie 12 i.e. start-up applications at boot further down the article.

Episode 3  : variety – wallpapers

Also checkout my personal wallpapers at

Episode 4  : Startup – which programs to start up or not


Episode 5  : Panel – quick launch programs

Episode 6  : Terminal – typing commands

Making the terminal transparent, scroll unlimited and change fonts.


Episode 7  : Nemo – the file manager

Episode 8  : Nemo – tip bookmarks

Maps you visit often, you better bookmark them.

Episode 9  : Software Manager – what to install

Episode 10 : System Settings – Configuration Panel

Episode 11 : Conky installation and Nvidia drivers

Download the aurora theme from the official site.

Download Aurora Conky Theme

Do not forget to go to the menu driver manager to get the latest Nvidia driver.

Updating to the latest n-vidia driver is explained in the movie at 9:55.



Episode 12 : Start-up applications at boot


Episode 13 : Changing to google search engine in Firefox


Episode 14 : The use of workspaces


Episode 15 : Open with default application

Episode 16 :  Installing via PPA and making a file an executable

In this movie we will be looking for the easiest, most convenient way to install (and update later) the program plank as example and make a document that we can execute later on.