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We have just finished our update of Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa and upgraded the kernel.

Read more in this article to see how.

What to do next?

Themes and icons will follow in separate posts as well as important programs.

1. Extensions in the Firefox browser

Personally I started up Firefox and added the extension Xmarks and Lastpass to it.

When you make a firefox account and login, all your settings, plugins and themes are coming from the cloud.

2. Changed the search engine in Firefox to Google.


3. Great wallpapers make a great desktop

My personal choice as program is variety from Peter Levi.

We open a terminal via CTRL + ALT +T and copy/paste these lines one by one in the terminal.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:peterlevi/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install variety

Showing all my settings in variety.

Tip: you can change the icon in the bottom corner from look dark, light, wallpaper.


4. Do not lock my computer when waking up from sleep

If you are the only one on the computer, why do I have to type the password.


5. Do not lock the computer when the screen turns off



6. Is there a taskmanager and what shortcut is it

In Linux Mint you have gnome-system-monitor what is the equivalent of taskmanager in Windows. You can find it in the menu’s.

In this movie however we will make a personal shortcut for it. You can choose which shortcut as long as it does not exist yet.In the movie I choose for CTRL + ALT + S.
It seems no longer possible to use the ESC. My first choice would have been CTRL + SHIFT + ESC.


7. How to maximize your window when moving it to the top

It is always frustrating after a clean install that is option is not on. Standard the window gets tiled.


8. How to set VLC or any program to be the default in Linux Mint