All you ever wanted to know

about Solus.

Complete step by step customization

of your desktop.

Solus Sardi Mono Red Brick


Follow this tutorial to customize your Solus Budgie system.

Discovering Solus Budgie overview of the standard look and settings

How to change the settings of Solus Budgie via the Raven Sidebar

How to update your Solus via software center or via terminal

How to install variety on Solus via software center or via terminal

How to make custom keyboard shortcuts

How to customize the terminal

How to install icon themes via Software Center, terminal or script

How to install the complete Sardi Icon Collection on Solus

How to install the complete Sardi Extra Collection on Solus

Let us take a look at all the interesting settings

Installing the best applications out there for Solus

Installing third party applications

How to make sure gnome-screenshot saves an image as jpg rather than png

How to change hardcoded icons manually on Solus and change the script accordingly

Installing plank and the plank themes on Solus

Installing the Surfn icons and showing how that looks

Installing the Arc Red theme

Installing the Arc Evopop theme

How can we install zsh

How to change the colour of the Arc theme to match the Sardi Flat Colora icon folders on Solus

Other projects you can do on Solus include

the Mate desktop or the i3 improved tiling window manager.

Installing i3 on Solus

Installing Mate desktop

Clean install of Solus Mate and installing applications

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