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Overview of Sardi

Icons made on and for
Linux Operating Systems.

Sardi Icon collection is build upon these

6 core icon themes


Sardi Flat

Sardi Ghost Flexible

Sardi Ghost Flexible

Sardi Mono

What are the major changes

New Icon theme : Sardi Orb
And more …

Sardi Flat Evopop

Sardi Flexible Luv Colora

Sardi Papirus Colora

What are the minor updates

Sardi has flat folders now

Sardi Flat has new folders

Sardi Flexible Colora

Sardi Ghost Flexible Colora

Sardi Mono Numix Colora has new colour

Sardi Mono has new folders

All folders from Sardi and Sardi Extra combined
Only the core Sardi icons will be shown in this video.
A video to give you an overview of all the Sardi Extra icons and how to install them

This is an overview of all the Sardi core icons
and all its derivatives made via scripts in random order

With the help of well documented scripts you can make your own personal icon set.
Change the hexadecimal colour and run the script.

Or download what has been created already.

Installing via download or script.

Some screenshots of my desktop

Ready to download

Sardi icon collection has 19 icon sets that depend on each other for icons.

Sardi, Sardi Arc, Sardi Colora, Sardi Flat, Sardi Flat Colora, Sardi Flat Evopop, Sardi Flexible, Sardi Flexible Colora, Sardi Flexible Luv Colora, Sardi Ghost Flexible, Sardi Ghost Flexible Colora, Sardi Mono, Sardi Mono Colora, Sardi Mono Numix, Sardi Mono Numix Colora, Sardi Mono Mint-X-Grey, Sardo Mono Papirus Colora, Sardi Mono Vertexed, Sardi Orb Colora

Download Sardi Icon collection

Sardi Extra icon collection has 29+ icon sets that have been created via the scripts or are just ideas to mix icon themes.

Sardi Captain, Sardi Colora Firebrick, Sardi Colora Gothic, Sardi Colora Lime, Sardi Colora Slate, Sardi Flat Arc, Sardi Flat Colora Deep Sky, Sardi Flat Colora Majestic, Sardi Flat Colora Polo, Sardi Flexible Colora Bahama, Sardi Flexible Faba, Sardi Flexible Luv Colora Red, Sardi Flexible Orchid, Sardi Flexible Tron, Sardi Ghost Flexible Colora Gray, Sardi Ghost Flexible Sidecar, Sardi Luv, Sardi Mono Colora Blue Love, Sardi Mono Colora Deep Sky, Sardi Mono Luv, Sardi Mono Numix Colora Mist, Sardi Mono Numix Colora Orangina, Sardi Mono Numix Colora Orchid, Sardi Mono Numix Colora Polo, Sardi Mono Numix Colora Watusi, Sardi Mono Papirus Colora Havelock, Sardi Orb Colora Havelock, Sardi Orb Colora Polo

Download Sardi Extra Icon collection

You need Sardi Icon Collection as well.

Sardi Vintage icon collection has 7 icon sets that have been omitted in the update to version 9.

Sardi Arc Vintage, Sardi Breeze Dark Vintage, Sardi Flat Majestic Vintage, Sardi Mono Arc Vintage, Sardi Vertexed Vintage, Sardi Vintage

They will not receive updates in the future.

Download Sardi Vintage Icon collection

You need Sardi Icon Collection as well.