Beginning 2017 Sardi version 9 has been released. Some of the icon sets have been abandoned and others have been added. As a result you have even more flexibility with this icon set. July 2017 Sardi version 9.3 has been been released and is documented in this article.

We have been developing the Sardi icon on a monthly basis for years now. October 2019 we started a new versioning system. We will use the year/month/release number to show users how new/old the icon set is.

You have 6 different application icons and 11 different folder icons to use or mix.


  • Sardi is distro independent
  • Sardi is lean and clean
  • Sardi is flexible
  • Sardi is modular
  • Sardi is diverse

Six main icon sets

  1. Sardi
  2. Sardi Flat
  3. Sardi Flexible
  4. Sardi Ghost Flexible
  5. Sardi Mono
  6. Sardi Orb

Other icon sets depend on one of these six sets.
If there is no icon anywhere in Sardi then the fallback icon set is Numix-cirle and Numix.

As from version 9.3 these are the current fallback icon sets.


Bold names are the six main icon sets and they are grouped in family.

Sardi Arc
Sardi Colora

Sardi Flat
Sardi Flat Colora
Sardi Flat Evopop

Sardi Flexible
Sardi Flexible Colora
Sardi Flexible Luv Colora

Sardi Ghost Flexible
Sardi Ghost Flexible Colora

Sardi Mono
Sardi Mono ArchLabs (from version 9.3)
Sardi Mono Colora

Sardi Mono Numix
Sardi Mono Numix Colora

Sardi Mono Mint-X-Grey
Sardi Mono Papirus Colora
Sardi Mono Vertexed

Sardi Orb Colora

New icon set Sardi Orb Colora

Based on Sardi Flat I added a circle to the icon that is smaller than the coloured circle. This icon set is mainly comprised of icons for applications.

New icons for folders

I added Evopop, Luv, Papirus folder icons. With the Arc, Ghost, Mint-Y, Sardi, Ultraflat, Vertex we have 10 ways to work with our files/folders in the file manager of our preferred distro.

 An overview of all the folders of Sardi and Sardi Extra



Sardi is distro independent

If you follow Sardi icon collection on Google+, you will see popping up screenshots from a variety of distro’s (40+). You can follow this collection so you will never miss a next update. You can see in the changelog in the Sardi folder which distro’s I have visited in the past.


Sardi is lean and mean

With the help of svgo I have cleaned out many (but not all) of the ‘rubbish’ code and made the icons smaller in KB.  A screenshot from sourceforge shows you the drop in size and we have even more icons now +16%. Double icons will be avoided. Linking to an icon were possible to avoid KB increase. Use of inherits (read on) where possible.



Sardi Arc for example has only folders (places) from  the Arc theme from horst3180. All other icons will come from Sardi.

These lines in in the index.theme make sure the ‘missing’ icons are coming from Sardi. Take a close look at the line that starts with Inherits.

[Icon Theme]
Name=Sardi Arc
Comment=Simple and flat icon theme with long shadow

Changing the inherits line to Sardi-Mono will result in a new icon theme Sardi Mono Arc.
Icons that are missing are now coming from Sardi-Mono and then from Sardi.

[Icon Theme]
Name=Sardi Arc
Comment=Simple and flat icon theme with long shadow

It is that easy to combine folders and icons and make a new look.


Many scripts have been provided to be able to colour icons the way you want. The scripts have been rewritten and are filled with pointers and guidelines. Many articles and video’s can be found on this website.

Colours can be found online but there are also some nice applications on linux. I prefer to use gpick to sample a colour from a wallpaper or a conky.

# Debian based like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, ...
sudo apt install gpick
# Arch based
sudo pacman -S gpick


This is a screenshot from the gpick application.

Colours are defined with an hexadecimal code like #A1A1A1.

All you need is to do is to copy this hexadecimal colour code in the right place and run the script.

Which icon sets can you change with these scripts?

  1. Sardi Colora – folders
  2. Sardi Flat Colora -folders
  3. Sardi Flexible – folders and applications
  4. Sardi Flexible Colora – folders
  5. Sardi Ghost Flexible – folders and applications
  6. Sardi Ghost Flexible Colora – folders
  7. Sardi Mono Colora – folders
  8. Sardi Mono Numix Colora – folders
  9. Sardi Mono Papirus Colora – folders
  10. Sardi Orb Colora – folders

Diversity of Sardi icons is immense

Diversity of the different styles and building blocks (folders, applications,…) will enhance our desktop experience. There are as many tastes as there are humans and they should be respected. There is an abundance in choices. And you can create even more yourself.

Anything is possible.

This project started with a conky. I liked the colour combination. I then adapted the folder icons to match those colours.


Youtube video of the Sardi core icons

Checkout how your system might look before downloading the icons with this video.
The sardi icons can be downloaded at Sourceforge.


Youtube video of the Sardi Extra icons

When you run the scripts (provided in the Sardi icons) you will get new icon themes. I call them Sardi Extra and keep them on Github.
These are the what-if questions that pop into my head.

Need help installing the Sardi icons

I have written two articles to assist you.

  1. Sardi icons
  2. Sardi Extra icons

I recommend you use the script since an update is only one click away. In the meantime you can install other software as well via these scripts.

Ready to download

More info

Even more (visual) information can be found on this overview page about Sardi.