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ArchLabs 4.0, 4.1 and 5.0 are no more.

ArchLabs 5.0 evolves into

ArchMerge and ArchMergeD

ArchMerge has Openbox and i3 as desktop environment like ArchLabs R2-D2 had.

All the theming, icons, conky’s ArchLabs had, ArchMerge has.

All the fun stuff and hidden gems.

However Archmerge’s goal is to learn, have fun and enjoy.

We promote ArchMerge as a learning platform.

We added the desktop environment XFCE for early Linux adopters.

One of the goals in ArchMerge is to teach you how to use Arch Linux.

and eventually install ANY desktop environment the Arch Linux way.

Read more on the following websites

and check out the vision of ArchMerge

and the wonders we can do

to personalize our desktop

Start with this one


Download ArchLabs Linux


What is new

The biggest news is that we will include i3wm with R2-D2

R2-D2 will include an tiling desktop environment, i3wm next gaps.  ArchLabs will continue to use openbox as main desktop environment but now you have a fallback or an alternative environment to watch your movies, surf net or do your work. It is an awesome tool for workflow management. You will get 10 desktops with each their own specialty like browsers, editors, multimedia, music, …

Many tutorials will follow about ArchLabs and i3wm. But actually they are already created. Because i3 is a desktop (tiling) environment that you can install on any distro and use the same configuration file to style it. Here you can find all articles about i3. It does not matter which distro, you are using it on. So you can now already follow some tutorials.


Choose your desktop

With the addition of i3wm we have to keep in mind WHAT desktop we want to choose.

When you choose for autologin in Calamares, you will bypass the login screen and go straight to Openbox.

If you do not choose to autologin, remember to choose the desktop you want at the top right.

You have to set this once if you do not autologin. It will remember your last choice.


Remember this shortcut – it will serve you well Super + X


Calamares installs ArchLabs with ease

Our installer, Calamares has been updated and  has received more recent desktop screenshots. ArchLabs is evolving. It will start up automatically in the livecd.

It takes 8 graphical and self explanatory screens to install ArchLabs and that under 3 minutes on newer hardware.


ArchLabs is finding her own look, her own appeal.

These will be the images shown in Calamares when you install ArchLabs – these are all 100% ArchLabs. Everything you see will be included in R2-D2. Just point and select.



Theming is our top priority

Every tiny detail of the system has been looked at. When you boot in the live cd. Conky’s are colorful and themes and icons have been choosen to give a bunsenlab impression. A tribute to our roots and our initial idea. What else have we themed?

Conky designers are sharing

Many creative conky builders have agreed to share their conky’s with us. They will just activate with a click. We are grateful that we are allowed to include some of the most beautiful conky’s out there in our release. As usual it will require one click to activate them.

We know the resolution of some of them is too small. It will give you an overview of the 41 conky’s. You will have to install ArchLabs R2-D2 to see them in full glory. We will add more every day after the release. Use the script in your openbox folder to download the latest conky’s from github.



Theme designers are sharing

Many rofi themes, tint2 themes and openbox themes have been added thanks to @Smoke King and @Duncan Pringle. Our personal design artists. Some will follow the Arc theme design and others are completely different.

56 tint2 themes to choose from
69 openbox themes to choose from
72 rofi themes to choose from

This means you will be able to tweak your system even more, out of the box. As you know we are a rolling release. These elements will receive more variations and additions and you will get them via updating the AUR.


Wallpaper designers are sharing

Great new wallpapers have been added – 4k resolution! You will have to see them on your system. Putting them here will cost us 10MB or more… These are just the small versions.

Special thanks to Fernando Cruz aka Submicron for letting us share his awesome wallpapers.

Check the slideshow.


Theme your termite terminal

78 termite theming configurations have been added. Termite is the standard terminal for ArchLabs.

You can now pimp your terminal with a simple copy/paste. This one is the dracula theme.


Theme your Exit

Oblogout is taking care of this. You are now able to choose between three themes. The keyboard shortcut Super + X is one to remember.

Here you can logout(l), restart(r), shutdown(s), suspend(u), hibernate(h) and lock(l).
Same shortcuts will work in i3 as well.


Theme your lock screen

We have created our own personal slimlock themes.
The only thing you have to do is choose which one or leave it standard.  And you will randomly get one of these lock themes. Super + X and press k for lock


Theme your menu

As in previous releases you can choose for a standard menu.xml or you can use the obmenugenerator to make you menu’s on the fly (including icons or not)

Menu.xml is just a text file you can edit.

Or use obmenu-generated menu that can look like this. All application will have an icon IF you are using Sardi or Surfn icons. Lollypop and Gradio are extra applications that Erik has installed. The obmenu-generated menu follows your installations and de-installations. More info on the website of Erik Dubois.

Furthermore you can theme your openbox menu with the many new themes we have added.
To the right you see all the possibilities.



Theming is serious business

We find it important that all ‘appearance’ tools should be grouped together in order to have a quick access and an overview.
So we added more items to the menu preferences in regards with Appearance.