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ArchLabs 4.0

evolves into ArchMerge and ArchMergeD

ArchMerge has Openbox and i3 as desktop environment like ArchLabs R2-D2 had.

All the theming, icons, conky’s ArchLabs had, ArchMerge has.

All the fun stuff and hidden gems.

However Archmerge’s goal is to learn, have fun and enjoy.

We promote ArchMerge as a learning platform.

We added the desktop environment XFCE for early Linux adopters.

One of the goals in ArchMerge is to teach you how to use Arch Linux.

and eventually install ANY desktop environment the Arch Linux way.

Read more on the following websites

and check out the vision of ArchMerge

and the wonders we can do

to personalize our desktop

HTTPS://ARCHMERGE.INFO – INFORMATION WEBSITE – Xfce, Openbox and i3 – any desktop environment

Budgie, Cinnamon, Xmonad, Gnome, …

Overview of ARCHLabs 4.0

released 30/04/2017

no longer available

A step by step tutorial series

how to customize ARCHLabs

A gallery of what can be achieved

Fast and easy way to install and customize ARCHLabs

No terminal required!


Start with clean install of ARCHLabs
Essential parts of openbox and ARCHLabs
Changing themes and icons
Changing the panel or tint2
Core files/folders of ARCHLabs

Many more video tutorials have been created

as well as articles to support you in your installation

and in your customization

Home of ARCHLabs
Official website of ARCHLabs
ARCHLabs Forum
Anything to ask or to report, use the forum.