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On April 30,2017 Archlabs 4.0 has been released what can you expect to find in this release. We compare this release with the release of 3.4 from April 4, 2017.

The release note on archlabs websites makes a nice summary.

We have kept the default look that we all love from BunsenLabs but have added a fair few new themes and icon themes as well as our own repository.  The polishing and fine tuning has been a priority and will continue to be. 107 commits were made over the last few months and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

There have been a number of extra keybinds added (check out the Display Keybinds in the menu to see them all), the tiling keybinds are especially cool.  Papirus, Sardi, Moka, Faba and Numix-Circle Icons have been added to the list of icon themes.

A few nice touches to compton have been added, there are some nice slight transparencies happening.

All terminals have now an awesome cool design. Termite being the standard. Adding terminator.

Erik’s epic Arc Theme Colora script has been unleashed on the Arc themes to create 9 new custom themes.  Also the menu has been tidied up and obmenu-generator has been added for those of you who want to add icons etc to your menu.

All the conky configs have been updated to the latest syntax by Hari,  and we have added some more logo’s for you to use.

You can use plank as extra menu and have many great themes with it.

We have added a folder scripts to your openbox folder for your convenience. Getting the latest kernel, removing virtualbox applications if on SSD and changing hard-coded icons.

One major difference to BL (other than the Arch base of course) is that we have done away with al-exit in preference of oblogout.  This is a personal preference of the AL boys over al-exit.