Overview of ArchLabs 5.0 or R2-D2

Released on 07/07/2017

Do we need to do a clean install? Yes

Installation of ArchLabs

Check first the scripts in


What do you want to autostart

Wallpaper : Variety or Nitrogen

Change the conky

Size of the openbox menu

Change Tint2 menu

Use Lxappearance

Use Xfce appearance

Change login screen

Change lock screen

Change rofi

Change the terminal termite

Change the logout theme

What if you have a dual screen

Switching from static menu to dynamic menu

Switching between Openbox and i3

Getting to know i3

After a clean install I will

install more applications and all

my personal settings

— Nemesis —

A gallery of what can be achieved

Many more video tutorials have been created


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