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Mint-Y-Transparent is a logical follow-up in my quest to fully theme my own desktop. Variety will change wallpapers and give inspiration for theming. Sardi icons can be installed and changed with scripts. Aureola conky can be adapted to follow the colours. After personalizing the Arc theme and Mint-Y theme I felt the need to have a transparent theme. I started out with one of the many cinnamon themes out there i.e. Minty-Transparent. You can download the original theme here in your Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon.


What can be the result of this scripting and theming?



I downloaded this theme. You will find it in ~/.themes.

Then I started scanning for colour codes inside the cinnamon.css. You can have an two different kind of codes.

  1. Hexadecimal like E23C2C
  2. RGBA like 226, 60, 44

In the script “” I will replace both instances and all occurrences. The new colour can be found using colour pickers like gpick.

Then you run the script and your cinnamon has been personalized.


Minty-Transparent-Colora can be download from my github. You can find it in the folder Theming/Cinnamon Theming. You will find there also any and all variations I will make in the future.

You can copy/paste the contents of the folder Variations to ~/.themes and select it with the theme manager in Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon.


How to personalize Minty-Transparent-Colora

In this movie you will see what steps you have to take to change the Minty-Transparent-Colora cinnamon theme.

Copy/paste the colour code and run the script.  It also shows how to change the colour code for the conky aureola.