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When making tutorials for the article “how to install antergos and i3” I have learned there is a bug reported at the site of Virtual Box in connection with i3. It does not seem that this is high on their priority list  and they send us to i3wm to fix the issue. That’s more or less what I read scanning the replies.

I have a workaround for those who want to try. It is not optimal but it was sufficient for me to make my tutorials. I used xrandr to know what the name was of my monitor. And then typed this to set the dimensions.

xrandr --output VGA-1 --mode 1440x990

Now you choose “view full-screen“. You will get a black or broken screen. That is the bug that is reported.

Then at the bottom, unselect the “view full-screen”. That gave me a ‘workable’ window size.


When you want this solution to more permanent, you need to put this line in your config file of i3.

exec xrandr --output VGA-1 --mode 1440x990

It is important to note the differences between Virtualbox and Vmware Player.

Virtual Box gives us the possibility to change the resolution in Virtualbox by choosing the option in the virtual box menu‘s. (scale)
Virtual Box has instant access to the internet.
Virtual Box knows an easy installation. No patch necessary on kernel 4.9.5.

Vmware Players gives us no help in the vmware player menu. We have to fix the resolution with the help of commands in the host.
Vmware Player has no instant access to the internet. With the proper commands you can get online.
Vmware Player installation on kernel 4.9.5 was tricky. Coded had to be patched and gcc6 has to be installed.