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In the Sardi Mono Numix Colora folder you will find a script to change all coloured icons to any colour you want.

We will use gpick to sample colours from the wallpaper and test them in inkscape.  If they agree with the wallpaper, we will change the script accordingly and run it to have our new folders.

We end up making a new icon theme.

16 million colour choices

Sardi Mono Numix Colora Watusi




Content of tutorial (mute)

  • goal : make a new colouring script
  • we will base ourselves on a wallpaper we like
  • copy/pasting
  • gpick will sample the colour – press spacebar
  • icons have top, body, icon and paper
  • so four colours
  • OLD colours – never change them
  • colours are in gpick
  • copy/paste the hexadecimal codes to your script
  • DELETE THE “#” in front or fhe”FF” at the end
  • naming of the presets I use gpick
  • changing the name of the directory
  • changing the theme name inside the index.theme

It takes 7 minutes to make a new look for the folders.


In 2 minutes you can change the code to have Sardi icons rather than Sardi Mono icons.