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Solus has a great collection of awesome applications gathered in the Software center.

Just take a look. Some of them will not be for your ‘typical’ linux user. Nevertheless.




I DO NOT recommend to install all these applications via script from github

In this case it is better to just click on the applications you want or love in the software center.

There is however one benefit if you run my script.

Some of these applications have a hardcoded icon. So switching from icon theme in the raven panel will break your ‘design’.

You can use the but depending on the workload of Joshua Foggalong, the script will kick in or not.

In the meantime I added these lines of code to change the path to the  icons in the third party script. E.g. for the application Slack.

echo "fixing hardcoded icon"
sudo sed -i s/$old/$new/g $location


You will need to change the icon name yourself and that is explained here if you do not use my script.



After installing all applications and after fixing all the hardcoded icons,
this is what you will see if you select the sardi icons and go to /usr/share/applications.