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Since this is a complete desktop you are installing, you will have to log off and switch to mate on your login screen at the top right.

In this tutorial we started out with the iso of Solus Budgie 1.2.1, installed then i3 tiling manager and now Mate. You will see applications from Budgie and i3 that you will not have on Solus Mate if you started with that iso.

If you want to see the clean install of Solus Mate 1.2.1 starting from the iso, scroll all the way down.

You can actually install 3 desktop environments on one machine.

Installing Mate on your Solus Budgie system is a oneliner. It can not be easier.

sudo eopkg it -c desktop.mate

This one line will install (nov 2016) 45 mate packages.




Installation of Mate

We start on Solus i3. That is another project you can try and is documented here.

We will install this oneliner you can find on the github Ultimate Solus.

sudo eopkg it -c desktop.mate



Booting in Mate, setting icons and themes, fixing hardcoded icons and many more tips

Making a shortcut for the terminal.
CTRL + ALT + T is not working to run the terminal.

Moving the plank to the bottom.

Mate forgot all the icons and theme settings so let us set them right again.

Setting the mate-terminal to look transparent and more.

Fixing the HP icon that has an hardcoded path to it icon.

Going over all menu’s and showing all applications from 3 systems.



Clean install of Solus Mate 1.2.1

What software do we get and how does it look?