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Bose QuietComfort 35 is a bluetooth headphone, which can be used on Linux Mint 18 computers. We do have to tweak the settings to make it work. That is why we write the tutorial.


There is a cable supplied of about 50-70cm but the idea is to go all out with a bluetooth connection.

Linux Mint 18 is equipped with the application gnome-bluetooth. This will be sufficient. If however you get into problems, you can always try the application blueman as well.

I will be using the following tool to write code : sublime-text but any text-editor will be fine.

This installation procedure also applies for Ubuntu 16.04.

Go to the following location and add a file in the directory.


Make a new file in this location with the name audio.conf.

Copy/paste these lines inside. Do not change anything. The order is important.

load-module module-switch-on-connect

Now you will have to edit the following file in the same directory : main.conf

Change the code to this.

# Restricts all controllers to the specified transport. Default value
# is "dual", i.e. both BR/EDR and LE enabled (when supported by the HW).
# Possible values: "dual", "bredr", "le"
ControllerMode = bredr

If you have just one bluetooth toggle and you switch from computer all the time, change this line too. Change the code to this.

# AutoEnable defines option to enable all controllers when they are found.	 	 
# This includes adapters present on start as well as adapters that are plugged	 	 
# in later on. Defaults to 'false'.	 	 

Let the magic of rebooting be on your side. So reboot.

Enable pairing on your headphone.

User manual at bose. Use this link until broken. Backup link at bottom.


Go to the bluetooth icon, enable bluetooth and connect to your device.

Go to the sound icon (bottom right) and select your device.

See that the Output profile is High Fidelity Playback (A2DP sink). MUCH better sound than the other setting Headset Head Unit (HSP/HFP). As long as you do not see this headphone in your sound settings, you guess it, something is wrong. And in bluetooth nothing seems that simple. Then you can start googling. May I suggest the archlinux guide as a start.
I hope the installation was a success.


When all is working, do close this window as it will be glitching the music since it is scanning for other bluetooth devices.

When you have been trying to add the bluetooth device for a while, DO REMOVE IT and try again. That seemed to work for me.


When rebooting I switch off my headphones and switch them back on. It automatically switches to the right profile (A2DP or Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) and it plays the music.

Use the buttons on your headphone for volume handling

Use the middle (multi-function) button for the next song (double click)

Use the middle (multi-function) button for the previous song (three clicks)

Using the “#FastConnectable = true” in the /etc/bluetooth/main.conf results in a poor sound quality!

User Manual of Bose as backup at