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In the article “How to install the latest vmware player on kernel 4.9 on linux mint 18.1 with patch as fix or workaround” we installed the latest version of Vmware Player 12.5 (1/2017) on the latest kernel 4.9.5 via patching the code. All this because I wanted to see if vmware player is handling the screen resolution of i3 better than virtual box. The conclusion is not better and not worse. We will have to intervene manually to set things right.

In the tutorial we will guide you from A to Z.

  • vmware was installed in the article mentioned above
  • torrenting the iso of Antergos
  • mounting the iso for boot
  • giving more ram to the virtual machine
  • giving more cpu cores to the virtual machine
  • a complete guided installation of Antergos
    • we install Base because of i3 but you can install also
    • Cinnamon
    • Gnome
    • KDE
    • Mate
    • Openbox
    • Xfce
  • we follow all the steps explained in this article.
  • run scripts twice if you see errors
  • change your name to be able to login automatically
  • xrandr is explained

Use xrandr to change the resolutions in your i3 setup. All of this is explained in the tutorial. We use the github of Antergos i3 to do an automated installation. Upon rebooting we see we have no internet connection, so you can learn how to fix your internet connection as well.

xrandr --output Virtual1 --mode 1440x900

Tip: you can go fullscreen. Depending on your monitor, you might even go higher in resolution.

This was my maximum on fullscreen option. First set the settings right in the virtual machine settings.

This was best workable dimension IF I went to full screen resolution. 1680×1050

You see the resolution possibilities when you type xrandr in the terminal.


When we started there was no internet connection yet. These commands will help you get connected.

Tip : wait a few seconds before retrying to download the github files

sudo systemctl enable dhcpcd.service
sudo systemctl start dhcpcd.service

It is important to note the differences between Virtualbox and Vmware Player.

Virtual Box gives us the possibility to change the resolution in Virtualbox by choosing the option in the virtual box menu‘s. (scale)
Virtual Box has instant access to the internet.
Virtual Box knows an easy installation. No patch necessary on kernel 4.9.5.

Vmware Players gives us no help in the vmware player menu. We have to fix the resolution with the help of commands in the host.
Vmware Player has no instant access to the internet. With the proper commands you can get online.
Vmware Player installation on kernel 4.9.5 was tricky. Coded had to be patched and gcc6 has to be installed.