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On my github I will collect the best icons and themes. With some scripts I can easily install multiple icons and themes like

Surf to

Download the zip file and extract it or use this command in the terminal

git clone

Bundled installation scripts

Two scripts are there to install all the icons or all the themes. Intended for Linux Mint.
Icons will work anywhere. Themes are dependent of GTK version (3.18) and Cinnamon version (3.0 and 3.2).

and two scripts to uninstall all icons and themes again

Take care with the uninstallation script it will really clean out your pc. Check the code first.

Single installation scripts

You can run each and one of these script separately. Uninstalling depends on where and how it is installed. You will have to do this manually.


sudo apt-get remove ...

Change with your theme manager and enjoy.