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We have just installed vmware workstation 12 following this article. Now we will install an operating system on it. Before installation of the actual operating system you will have to tell vmware how to setup this virtual machine. This is the Vmware procedure. The actual installation of KDE will be another article.

It can be ANY operating system by the way. KDE is just an example.

The reason for making these movies was that I wanted to test out the newly released version of Linux Mint 17.3 KDE.
I did not want to give it a proper physical SSD so I will install it in Vmware to get to know the system and its programs.

Contents of the movie

  • how to create a virtual machine
  • typical as choice
  • we are using an ISO image in this project
  • Ubuntu 64 bit
  • Disk size – one file or split – size?
  • hardware customization – up the memory