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In the article the ultimate linux update we were exploring how far we can update or upgrade our system including kernels, drivers etc. A lot of terminal commands were involved.

This time around I will NOT go into any terminal and see how far we can get.

This article wants to achieve the following goals :

  1. Document the installation procedure of Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa
  2. Update the clean install as far as possible
  3. Update the drivers using the update manager
  4. Updating to the latest kernel via update manager
  5. Updating to the latest nvidia drivers via driver manager
  6. Updating to the latest Cinnamon via romeo

Then you can go and have a look at the article “Pimp your Linux Mint“.

We will reboot several times.


I believe this installation is quite safe. If in doubt, install it on a test pc and if you do not have one, first backup.

1. Installation procedure of Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa

I trust the installation procedure will be self-explanatory.

Reboot for the first time !

2. Update your Linux Mint

Look  for Update Manager or type the words “update” in the menu or find a little “shield” like icon in the bottom-right corner to start updating.

We are updating to the very last update.

You will notice this blue bar on the top “Do you want to switch to a local mirror?“. We changed the settings to the fastest server in my region.

Do not forget to update the cache.


3 Updating drivers via Driver Manager

In the menu you will find Driver Manager. You can let Linux Mint (actually ubuntu) decide what drivers are needed. Typically you will also find broadcom wifi drivers and others. Use them. In my case it finds my nvidia graphical card. It will just work fine on the video nouveau but for the sake of the exercise we change the driver.

As a matter of fact you can stop here and enjoy your installation. Then you can go and have a look at the article “Pimp your Linux Mint” and see how you can embellish your desktop.

You can reboot just to check that your nvidia drivers are working just fine. But no need to do so.

4 Kernel update

As described in the article “How to update the kernel in Linux Mint” and “Upgrade the kernel to the latest one available” you can get technical in the terminals but not this time.

No terminal is needed to upgrade your kernel.

Just look for the program “update manager“, click on view and linux kernels. Choose the last one in the list and install it.

Remember we are working on a testpc!! If something does go wrong, you will have to boot with the old kernel and delete the latest kernel in the same program.

You can read up in the article of arstechnica what hardware is known not to work with kernel 4.2.

Again you can reboot just to check that everything works fine.

5 Cinnamon update

Last phase is a bit tricky but I had no issues until now. I leave it up to you to decide if you do this.

We are going to activate the beta-versions available for linux mint (cinnamon and nemo) by activating the “unstable packages romeo“.

Update the cache and see if the update manager provides you with new updates. In my case there were none.

6 Result

We are ending with a little program called “System Info” to show you the status.

Check the kernel number and cinnamon version.

No terminal has been used.