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In the previous posts we installed vmware player, which is completely free.

Vmware Workstation Pro, however, will function for 30 days BUT it will have the possibility of making snapshots.

VMware snapshots are a lifesaver. If things go wrong, you revert back to some point in time were everything still functioned.

Vmware is one of the tools you can use to install an operating system on an operating system. It will run inside a window and perform its task not being aware it is being run in vmware. You can use such a setup for testing purposes, developing projects etc.



Manual installation

  • download the vmware workstation pro 12.5 from vmware
  • fully functional for 30 days
  • download file has extension .bundle and is NOT an executable
  • how to be able to run the installation bundle

There is also a script to install the same application. See latest movie.


Removing the Vmware Workstation Pro

Type the following commands to figure out the name of the product you just installed.

sudo vmware-installer -l  (it is an L from list)

When you know what you installed and what the name is, you can type the command:

sudo vmware-installer -u vmware-workstation



Installation via script

Let us now install the same application but this time try out the installation script from my github.



Tips and Tricks


You can install open-vmware-tools package in the guest operating system (OS in vmware) to be able to copy folders/files from host to guest system and vice-versa.

Folder has been copied from host to guest.


sudo apt install open-vm-tools-desktop  or anything similar on your distro

Here you can read in more detail what this will provide.

Copy/pasting part of it, in case this page gets lost.


The primary purpose for Open VM Tools (OVT) is to enable operating system vendors and/or communities and virtual appliance vendors to bundle VMware Tools into their product releases. OVT is the open source implementation of VMware Tools and consists of a suite of virtualization utilities that improves the functionality, administration, and management of virtual machines within a VMware environment.

The benefits of bundling OVT are:

  • End users get the best out-of-box experience to efficiently deploy virtual machines on VMware virtual infrastructure.
  • Eliminates the need to separately install VMware Tools when OVT is bundled with the operating system because OVT is a fully-supported open source implementation of VMware Tools.
  • Reduces operational expenses and virtual machine downtime, because updates to OVT packages are provided with operating system maintenance updates and patches. This eliminates separate maintenance cycles for VMware Tools updates.
  • No compatibility matrix check is required for OVT. Adhering to the VMware Compatibility Matrix for the guest OS release is sufficient.
  • OVT bundled with the operating system provides a compact footprint optimized for each OS release.


OVT consists of these packages:
  • open-vm-tools packageThis package contains the core OVT user-space programs and libraries, including vmtoolsd. These features are enabled by this package:
    • Synchronization of the guest OS clock with the virtualization platform
    • Enables the virtual infrastructure to perform graceful power operations (shut down) and file system quiescing of the virtual machine
    • Provides a heartbeat from guest to the virtualization infrastructure to support vSphere High Availability (HA)
    • Publishes information about the guest OS to the virtualization platform, including resource utilization and networking information
    • Provides a secure and authenticated mechanism to perform various operations within the guest OS from the virtualization infrastructure
    • Accepts additional plug-ins that can extend or customize OVT functionality
  • open-vm-tools-desktop packageThis optional package extends OVT with additional user-space programs and libraries to improve the interactive functionality of virtual machines. This package depends on X and therefore must be installed only when X is available. These features are enabled by this package:
    • Enables resizing of the guest display to match host console window or the VMware Remote Console Window for vSphere
    • Enables text copy and paste operation between host and guest UI (either direction)
    • Enables drag and drop operation between guest and host (either direction) for the VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion products (not supported on vSphere)
  • open-vm-tools-devel packageThis optional package extends OVT with additional user-space libraries for use in developing applications using open-vm-tools. The package contains:
    • Libraries for developing vmtoolsd plug-ins
    • Documentation for the libraries
  • open-vm-tools-debuginfo packageThis optional package contains additional binaries and source code for debugging OVT.