A few days ago I installed virtualbox and installed Angergos i3 in virtualbox. There were issues with the resolution and I wanted to test out if Vmware Player was performing better in that respect.

Installing vmware player can be done by going to the website or using my personal scripts in folder projects. When running the latest VMware Player 12.5.1 build-4542065 (01/2017) we ran into problems.

  • gcc-6 was not installed
  • error compiling on vmnet

We investigated the issues and went on the net.

Both of these issues will be solved during the tutorial. I did not make this patch but I found it and want to give it more publicity. Source can be found here and all credits goes to them. My contribution is to make a step by step guide from A till Z and this time by avoiding any of the terminal commands. No linux commands used.





Use at own risk it says on the original page. I better include this here as well. Although everything worked fine on my end.