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There are two choices how to download Sardi icons.

  1. download sardi tar.gz file
  2. use of script


1. Download Sardi tar.gz

The Sardi icon collection is hosted on Sourceforge. You can download and install it from there.

You need to download the compressed file, extract it and copy/paste the contents in the hidden folder .icons.
Or you should create the hidden folder .icons if you do not have it yet. Select it with your theme manager.


2. Use of script

Sardi and Sardi-extra script will run on any distro!

You can also use a script to get the latest Sardi icon set. That script is called “” on github but only if you like to use scripts. It is not necessary to do so to have the sardi icons. You can run it whenever you feel like it and it will get the latest icons from sourceforge and the script will put them in your hidden .icons folder.

The latest update of Sardi just one click away.