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I want to share the solution of a ‘crashing cinnamon’ every time I installed the latest kernel. I never gave it much thought and reverted back to the standard kernel which was working just fine.
Now I made it my project to be able to run the latest kernel which is at the moment 4.8.1 and NOT see the message ‘Cinnamon running in software-rendering mode‘.
I discovered that it was never the kernel but the nvidia driver that was the reason for this annoying message.

Main components of my setup

I tried the standard drivers from nouveau. I tried the proposed drivers from the application ‘Driver Manager’ which was Nvidia-361. No such luck.

Then it occurred to me that Nvidia might have a newer version of the driver.



I downloaded this driver and I will tell you how I installed it in the tutorial.

Running the latest kernel without ‘crashing’ now.


Youtube Tutorial

There are still more steps to take which I will discuss in this tutorial.

You can not just run the downloaded driver from Nvidia.