Conky is a free software system monitor.
It is available for Linux. Conky is highly configurable and is able to monitor many system variables including the status of the CPU, memory, swap space, disk storage, temperatures, processes, network interfaces, battery power, system messages, e-mail inboxes, Linux updates, many popular music players, and much more. Unlike system monitors that use high-level widget toolkits to render their information, Conky is drawn directly in an X window. This allows it to consume relatively fewer system resources when configured similarly.

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First take a look what you can do with some ‘tinkering’ and Conky.

Installing conky can be as easy as copy pasting three lines in the terminal

A great tip is to install the conky manager as well. You can see this in the movie.

Aurora conky theme

Once it is installed you can try out the standard conky themes. I have made my own theme called “aurora“. It is opensource, free to use and can be downloaded from sourceforge. It is a conky I made myself and a collection of many other conky themes from third parties. Sources are mentioned in the files.

Download Aurora Conky Theme

What can you expect in this aurora conky theme and what can it show us?

  • scripts for temperature, fans, names of hardware
  • hours of lifetime hard disks
  • spotify information and covers
  • number of new gmail messages
  • number of package updates (including upgrades which do not show up)
  • rss via scripting
  • weather forecast (different ways)
  • many different lua to make rings and such
  • netstat script
  • nvidia information
  • satellite image of world and Europe
  • sensors script
  • sign and stars of today
  • transmission information
  • vnstat usage (download and upload in MB)

Autoscript to make the installation easy

It has an autoscript you can use and change to make the installation a piece of cake.

Read the autoscript, see what will be installed and change to your liking.

Remove the lines you do not want and run it.

Adapt the aurora conky theme to your hardware and liking

 How to fix the missing or wrong parameters?

Installing nvidia drivers and showing nvidia settings

Collection of all the conky movies

Over time you will need more refinement to the conky aurora  such as

  • correct rights to some programs,
  • the fonts need to be installed properly (prefer not to do it manually one by one)
  • extra programs to interface with spotify, dbus and so on
  • extra programs for the weather forecasts
  • extra programs to read the hardware (cpu, harddisk, graphical card (nvidia),…

I am a Linux Mint Cinnamon user but there is a second installation script for Ubuntu.

Download Aurora Conky Theme

Example installation script (not up-to-date)

I made one script for Linux Mint (shown down here) and one for Ubuntu 14.10.

Download here for the up-to-date version

Download Aurora Conky Theme