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To get all these conky’s to your computer you can either download the zip and uncompress it or use a terminal and type

git clone

Or download the zip file and extract it.

Open the downloaded folder and run the script


This script will again download the latest code from github but it will also move all the conky’s
in a hidden folder in your home directory. All the conky’s will be placed in


From this folder .aureola you can rerun at any time the script


and your conky’s will be updated to the latest version automatically.

This script will take care of :

  • file management
  • making sure that conky starts next time you boot
  • making sure there is a ~/.config/conky folder present
  • making a hidden folder ~/.aureola where all the conky’s will reside
  • copy/pasting the github files in the hidden folder ~/.aureola

Youtube Tutorial



Aureola’s home folder is a hidden one.


Conky’s home folder is also a hidden one.


Anything with the name conky.conf will be started if in the conky’s home folder.