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This  is a follow up of the article written a few weeks ago. That article will provide you with more details of this projects.


Since this article was written many things have been changed.

  • config code has more structure and more help
  • extra config files as example
  • folder to keep track of older config files
  • added i3blocks as replacement for i3status bar
  • added conky-i3-status bar as replacement for i3status bar
  • dunstrc added as replacement for libnotify if you want
  • conky for shortcuts has been expanded
  • terminator has been changed into gnome-terminal

The github has been updated and this article is a reflection of how to install i3.


It always starts with the installation of Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon via usb and updating Linux Mint.
Then you download the scripts of this github and run “”.

This is the result of our scripts.

Then we get the actual i3 code from this github. From here on everything has been recorded.

Here we will download the files and install i3.


Now you can log off and log back in with selection i3.



We did not like the icons, themes and cursor. So we changed them. Forcing us to reboot.

Quitting i3 can be done via these shortcuts.

Windows + Shift + E
Windows + Pause


Contents of this tutorial

  • how to exit i3
  • we can see the changes of the theme, icons and cursor
  • where are the setting files for the theme, icons and cursor
  • changing the font
  • conky’s can help you with the shortcuts move to a blank workspace with Windows + number
  • changing the look of terminator (abandoned now in favor of gnome-terminal)
  • showing the alternatives for the i3status bar



 Pictures what to expect


Conky to help you with the basic information and the basic keyboard shortcuts

Lxappearance to change icons, themes, …