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When testing operating systems we often try out many possibilities before coming to the solution. In the mean time we have changed so many things, downloaded all kinds of software that we are no longer 100% sure that the solution is to be attributed to the last action or any actions prior to that.

Or you want to be able to test different programs but you want to be able to go back in time just before the installation and install it again with slightly different parameters.

Snapshot is the solution in vmware machines. You take ‘a picture‘. A fixed point in time Dr Who would say. Whatever your next steps will be, you can always revert back to this point in time and be 100% sure that it is the same machine as some minutes/hours or weeks ago.

Contents of movie

  • waking up from suspend
  • why might you need a virtual machine
  • snapshot icons
  • making a snapshot
  • reverting back to some point in time



We are doing first some updates before making a second snapshot



Using vmware to install sardi icons on linux mint 17.3



Example of a snapshot scenario – reverting back – no more sardi icons