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I have this 7 year old Imac standing here trying to run Mac Osx El Capitan but really it just wants to power off. Time to change your harddisk and exchange it with an SSD or solid state drive.

REMEMBER : If you have only one mac at home, first get El Capitan and make sure you have it installed on an usb.
Check this article first how to install El Capitan via an usb.

My specifactions of my imac are :

  • Imac 8.1 or early 2008
  • Core 2 duo 3.06 Ghz
  • 24 inch
  • 4 GB RAM 800 mhz DDR2
  • harddisk 500 GB – 7200 rpm – sata 3 Gb/s
  • Nvidia Gforce 8800 with 512 MB

We get the knowledge from different sources some in English, German, Spanish until you feel sure you have seen every angle possible to do it yourself.


Change the harddisk with an ssd

Put your imac on the side and remove the latch under the screen where the RAM is located.


The tools you will need. You will need some very specific for mac. Stork screwdrivers. I bought mine at Gamma TX 5-10. It was the 8 or 9 that I used for all the screws. Check out my little suction cup that worked just fine. If you see some of the tools, the professionals have.


The glass screen is removed. It hangs on there with some magnets. With a suction cup or some ducktape you can lift it off.


The ssd is waiting impatiently.


Keep track of your screws!!


Aluminium cover is been lifted.


The inside of the beast. After 7 years it was a dusty beast.

The harddisk is screwed out and the ssd is placed inside. Temperature sensor is pasted back on the ssd. Not that it matters. Never goes higher than 30-35 degrees celsius in my experience.

Time to clean the fan. I covered my screen so the dust would not settle on it.

Make sure that your screen has no dust, hairs and other stuff that you will see later. The screws go back in and aluminium cover goes back on.

Do not forget to reconnect the cable for your webcam!


Some final cleaning.


And do not forget to place the lid of the RAM in again.


Time : 30 minutes

Next step will be how to install the latest operating system on it. At the time of writing that is El Capitan.