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In previous article we made 6 youtube tutorials to completely change our desktop. Then you are very proud that you have a desktop and you share a screenshot on Facebook, Google+ and the likes. Eventually the question will come : “How did you do that?  What is that? Where do I get this?”.

You can share all this information with your ArchLabbers on github.

It is a free service until you want to hide the information from others.

So sign up at

Then you can follow the tutorial. Use my scripts to push information from your pc to github and pull it back if you did a clean install.
So yes it is also a kind of backup if you want. It is made to collaborate but you can use it also just for yourself.


Now that we have a github setup we need to find all the changed elements again and put them on the github.

Type ./git    and press TAB to push it back on the net.

Now you can share this information with others.


Sharing is caring, remember. And the added value is that you will have a backup for later.