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I have just created a new conky look for ~/.conkyrc in the future ArchLabs R2D2 to the right with orange colours and the other conky to the left was already orange.

Can we change our terminal to follow the colours of our system?

Use the website

This is the end result of our tutorial.

With the help of this website you can import settings from the following sources:

  • iTerm2
  • Termite
  • Xresources

And export your colour settings back to the following applications :

  • Alacritty
  • Chrome secure shell
  • Gnome Terminal
  • Guake
  • iTerm2
  • Konsole
  • Linux console
  • MinTTY
  • Putty
  • Simple terminal
  • Terminator
  • Termite
  • XFCE4 terminal
  • Xshell
  • Xresources

Follow along and see how easy it is to change colours. We will import settings from termite and will export them again to termite with an orange colour this time.


Colours 0-7 are for a regular or normal characters.
Colours 8-15 are for bold characters. So make them a bit brighter.



Change the settings in ~/config/neofetch/config so that you see all 16 colours in the bars.

Line 439 in the picture.

Check the two bars of colours at the bottom.

Starting with color 0 till color 7 on the first line.
Starting with color 8 till color 15 on the second line.

So if you see a screenshot like this and use gpick you can find already 16 colours of the terminal.


# 20% background transparency (requires a compositor)
background = rgba(64, 69, 82, 0.8)
foreground = #c5c8c6
foreground_bold = #c5c8c6
cursor = #c5c8c6
color0 = #073642
color1 = #dc322f
color2 = #859900
color3 = #b58900
color4 = #268bd2
color5 = #d33682
color6 = #2aa198
color7 = #eee8d5
color8 = #002b36
color9 = #cb4b16
color10 = #586e75
color11 = #657b83
color12 = #839496
color13 = #6c71c4
color14 = #93a1a1
color15 = #fdf6e3


More interesting links :

Mattwall blog

Solarized colours

Dracula theme

Example of Dracula theme

This is an example of the Dracula theme that I am going to keep for a while. Restyled to fit in with the many Arc themes ArchLabs has available. 11 Arc themes at the moment.
Will be included in next release of ArchLabs R2-D2.