Customization of our desktop

It is now up to us to customize the desktop.

I will be using the following assets

  1. Sardi icons from sourceforge
  2. Sardi extra icons from github
  3. Surfn icons from github
  4. Plank themes from github
  5. Aureola conky from github

and all the scripts to install any of the above and all the applications we need to work and play from this github.

Content of the tutorial

We will go to the github of AntergosXfce4 and download the installation scripts. Scripts or files are just a collection of terminal commands, you would type to install software, pasted in one file.

Tip : you can fork my github and change the scripts to your liking

More info about forking.

Follow and install the scripts. You will receive an explanation about the contents of the scripts.



Personalisation of Antergos XFCE

Some of these scripts can be useful for you. I leave it up to you to examine if you like to install them. The scripts are in the folder Personal.

Follow the explanations about the scripts.

  • creation of folder in order to copy/paste preferences to it
  • same bookmarks on any distro
  • keyboard shortcuts are going to be the same on any distro
  • gnome-screenshot save as jpg rather than png
  • gimp scripts and themes
  • sublime-text preferences
  • variety preferences
  • arc colora themes
  • firefox readable inputboxes in dark themes



Customizing Antergos Xfce

We have installed all elements for our tweaking exercise like icons, themes, cursors, wallpapers etcetera.

Installing a new menu Whisker Menu.
Changing the whisker menu

  • name
  • icon
  • transparent
  • many more settings

Making the top panel transparent.

Changing the icons via appearance  to sardi icon

Selecting a personal colour of the Arc Theme : Arc Dark Crimson

Changing the font is important : choosing Noto Sans Regular

Changing the design of the windows : Window Manager and Window Manager Tweaks and fonts

Window Manager Tweaks

  • making elements transparents (inactive, resizing,…)
  • no shadow for plank or dock elements

We remove the bottom panel of xfce and replace it with plank and make sure it autostarts next time.

Changing the theme of plank (100+ themes)

We will use variety to change the wallpaper. More info about all the tips on variety.

Removing the icons on the desktop.

Removing the extra desktops.

Pamac announces updates. You can use it also as package manager. Check it out.

Making the terminal beautiful and transparent.

Start to run the conky and change the image of the Aureola Acros conky.

Open with …  is shown how to set it.

You can let the Start to run the conky and change the image of the Aureola Acros conky.


Using compton as window manager

You can use compton as window manager. Mind you. It is really NOT necessary. The window manager from xfce4 or xfwm4 provides us with great possibilities.

  • transparency
  • dimming inactive
  • shadow

One thing xfwm4 does not do is fading in and fading out.

Compton can take care of all of these options including fading in and fading out.

But for compton to take over you will have to disable the compositing from xfce and let compton take over the job.

Go to Session and Startup and add compton the application autostart list.

Compton -b will start compton as a daemon. More info can be found here. No need to tell him where the config file is as long as you put the config file in the standard location which is ~/.config and name it compton.conf.

Let us show you what steps to take to arrive at a system working on compton.


Endresult on ssd and all software has been installed

Installing all the scripts provided takes up a lot of time. I will not install all of them again since I have done this in the article about how to install cinnamon on Antergos. See past the fact that it is an other desktop environment and filter out the information about the extra software scripts.
We used the scripts from github to install all the software. We will show you the endresult and talk about all the installed applications.


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