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This is a example of a CLEAN install.

Beware you need first to upgrade your w7,w8,w8.1 to windows 10. Then you can later do a clean install!!

In this movie you will see Windows 10 being installed with Vmare Fusion for Mac but this does not change anything about how to install windows 10 FROM SCRATCH using a windows computer. You will see the same screens.

Installation procedure in vmware or on a windows laptop is the same.

Booting from an usb or dvd might not be setup properly in the bios or uefi, read here how the change the boot order.

The only thing that is a bit tricky is the way your laptop is partitioned. Let me point you into a direction where you can read more about partitioning.

Never erase a recovery partition as it will help you to put a working windows system back in no time. Unless you do need the space.

I would suggest to install windows 10 where the previous windows was being it 7, 8 or 8.1.

Follow the steps in the movie… see some more movies on youtube and you will be just fine. But as allways BACKUP.

We also go into some settings regarding the privacy during the installation. You can always change them later if you skipped this bit. Read all about the privacy settings in Windows 10 here.

I came across a program that let’s you change your privacy settings automatically. This might interest you too? Shutup10 from O&O Software!