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Looking to install Windows 10 on a Windows computer, check this out to download your free version of windows 10.

NOT only for Mac owners. Windows installation procedure is the same everywhere. Here it is done on a virtual machine so we can film the installation.

In order to make some movies about Windows 10 for my students I will be using Vmware Fusion on Mac.

As such I will be able to show them what happens even when the computer needs a reboot in order to re-intialize windows for instance.

In the movie we will download a trial and make a virtual environment for Windows 10.

I must point out that students at KdG MUST use bootcamp ONLY when having exams.

You can start a bootcamp Windows from Vmware. In this way you have your mac and windows environment running at the same time!!



Now we need an iso file to be able to install windows 10.
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