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The Sardi icons have a complete seperate category on this website. If you want to know more about that, you can read those articles.

One of the goals of the Sardi icons is that they can be used on most of the linux distro’s if not all.

November 2016 the Sardi Collection includes 18 different icon sets.


The Sardi icons are being hosted on Sourceforge at this address.

Remember to go to the files page. Sourceforge is often wrong as to what is the latest version.

We can just download the tar.gz file. Uncompress it and put it in our hidden folder ~/.icons.

You can use the gnome-tweak-tool to select the icon theme immediately. The raven toolbar will be changed once you logoff or reboot.



In previous tutorials we have started to make our own script in order to quickly install applications, icons or themes.

To quickly install all that I require (and also to test if all Sardi icons have been created) I will run a script from this github.

This script will download the latest version from Sourceforge, uncompress it and put the icons in the hidden folder ~/.icons.

It is an automated task for the actions I performed in the movie on this page about sourceforge.