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Sardi Extra is not supported.
Sardi Extra is not maintained.
Sardi Extra is not updated.

Sardi Extra is creativity to the max.
Sardi Extra is wondering if icons match a wallpaper or a conky.
Sardi Extra is the result of scripting.
Sardi Extra is mixing icon themes together.
Sardi Extra requires you to know that colours are defined with hexadecimal codes like FFFFFF (white).
Sardi Extra works on any system IF YOU INSTALLED ALL THE SARDI CORE ICONS from this article.
Sardi Extra scripts take 5 seconds max and you have a new icon theme.

If you like to know more about this creativity urge, let loose on Sardi icons, then
check out the menu Sardi Icons and all its submenu’s on this website.

Use your own imagination and make your own colouring scheme on these Sardi icons.

Let us first get the result of our creativity and scripting from this github.

If you rather want to check out these Sardi Extra icons before installing, check out this article and movie.