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In  this installation article we have explained you where to download the iso of ARCHLabs, how to install ARCHLabs and how to customize ARCHLabs. We went into detail about the essential parts of openbox like tint2, the conky and the openbox menu. We made also a tutorial how to change the look of ARCHLabs and so on.

I have made a keybinding or custom keyboard shortcut that will start gnome-terminal. It is not yet installed because I do not want the standard gnome-terminal. I want the transparent gnome terminal from AUR.

CTRL + ALT + T or Super + Enter will start gnome-terminal.

This is a choice. You might like to bind it to termite, terminator, terminix, sakura, uxterm, xterm,urxvt, …

Normal installation procedure on any Arch Linux is e.g. xfce-slimlock

  • sudo pacman -S xfce-slimlock

But there are also AUR helpers to get installation software from the AUR

  • yaourt xfce-slimlock          (yaourt via ARCHLabs installation)
  • pacaur -S xfce-slimlock     (pacaur via ARCHLabs installation)
  • packer xfce-slimlock          (installed via the script on my github)

I will use my personal installation scripts from my github. It will install with any of the available aur helpers and will skip the installation if already installed.

The tutorial will get into more detail.

We will have to type the following command to have the transparent gnome-terminal:

packer gnome-terminal-transparency

I should caution you as gnome-terminal brings a lot of extra dependencies to install as well. Other choices for terminals are and in no particular order :

termite, terminator, terminix, sakura, uxterm, uterm, lxterminal, tilda, guake, yakuake, xfce4-terminal, urxvt,…


This is gnome-terminal-transparency.