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At the moment the Github of Erik Dubois can not be trusted and is some versions behind.

But first a before picture. Standard Linux Mint look with a nice ‘Rosa’ wallpaper.


And an after picture. Standard Sardi icon theme.


Let us show how to download and install the Sardi Icons.

Contents of movie

  • Made on Linux Mint 17.3
  • Where to download Sardi icons at sourceforge.
  • .icons folder in your hidden files CTRL + H
  • Sardi is the parent icon set from Ardis
  • Sardi flat is Sardi without circles
  • Some icons depend on others – explaining how Sardi is build up
  • Main themes are :
    • Sardi
    • Sardi Flat
    • Sardi Ghost
    • Sardi Mono
  • All other themes depend on these four.
  • Showing all the themes


Remember to install also the Numix-Circle icons as Sardi uses these icons as fallback.

Here you can read how to install numix icons.



Remember that Linux Mint will NOT change all icons. Some are hardcoded. Solution in this article.